My first layout back

It's been over 4 years since my last scrapbooking page, I didn't even realized how much I missed it.

so much has changed in the scrapbooking community in the fast years. many sites that I used to participate in on regular based are now closed and there are so many new and talented designers.

but one thing that almost didn't change at all is the scrapping style, it just stay the same, and I see more of pocket pages style that I love so much.

I have decided to reach out to some old designers friends of mine for a little help to get back to the community and back on scrapbooking.

The first one I have turned to was ninigoesdigi, she is an amazingly talented designer and I always loved her work. Nini was happy to add me to her creative team and I was so thrilled to join.

So here I am back on digital scrapbooking and I'm now using Affinity Photos app on my iPad instead off my Photoshop software. and you know what, it took me few days to learn and get used to it but this app is amazing and work very similar to photoshop so I really love to use it.

This is the first page I scraped, the photos are from an amazing shopping day in the mall with my husband. It was our 23ed wedding anniversary day and we bought some really great gifts for one another.

So now I have a new Nespresso machine and my husband has a new computer…yap we spent some money on that day…

Credit: Money Money kit | by ninigoesdigi at The digitalpress

I have used Money Money Money | kit By ninigoesdigi at Thedigitalpress.

This kit is so sweet and have unique elements, sticker style word art, ,lots of great word bits, and beautifully textured pattern papers and solid papers.

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